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What are the current Southern Star rates?

Rate information is easy to find in our Informational Postings website. Please go to and under Informational Postings, select Tariff then select Currently Effective Rates and you will be able to view, download or print rate sheets for different rate schedules.

How do I obtain a Southern Star Customer System Map?

The non-confidential Customer System Map can be found on the Informational Postings  website.  Just click on the following link:, go to Informational Postings on the left sidebar, select Other Postings and then System Map.  Click on the download button and you can print or view our map as a whole, or specific areas based on your business needs.

When you have a special request about a particular area/line segment and you are in need of more detailed views of our system, Southern Star will have to evaluate and approve your request on an individual basis.  This usually requires you to sign a confidentiality agreement before we release those maps to you. Please contact Robbie Clark @ (270) 852-4577 for more information.

Why is my report not showing up after I run it in CSI?

The predominant reason for your report not running is your pop-up blocker settings need to be adjusted.

Please go to your Windows Explorer and select Tools – Pop-Up Blocker and make sure your Pop-Up blocker is turned off. Another option is to go to Tools – Pop-Up Blocker and Settings where you can add the CSI website to the trusted list which will allow the reports to run.


Where can I get a Service Request Form, Amendment Request Form and other forms?

Most of our forms are conveniently located in Informational Postings on our CSI website.  Please go to  and click on Service Request Forms and you will be able to complete and submit various forms via email directly after completion.

There are separate forms for existing customers and for new customers needing new service.  In addition, separate amendment forms have been created for those customers wishing only to extend the term of their agreement and those customers wishing only to change point(s) and/or the quantity at point(s). These new amendment forms are in addition to the standard or “long” amendment form which provides for both extending the term and changing points and/or quantity.


What is CSI?

CSI is our Customer Service Innovations web-based customer service system.  CSI consists of two parts that Southern Star is required to maintain by regulations of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the standards of the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).

The public part of CSI is our Informational Postings website.  Informational Postings are accessible to anyone using the internet.

The non-public part of CSI is our Customer Activities website.  Customer Activities are accessible only with a user ID and password.

What services does Southern Star offer?

Southern Star offers a variety of cost based transportation and storage services under its FERC approved rate schedules, including firm no notice services under Rate Schedules TSS and STS; firm transportation services under Rate Schedules FTS and STS; firm storage service under Rate Schedule FSS; interruptible transportation and storage services under Rate Schedules ITS and ISS; and parking and loan services under Rate Schedule PLS.   Southern Star also offers no fee pooling services under Rate Schedule PS and market based rate storage services under Rate Schedules FS1 and IS1.

Information about our services is easy to find in our Informational Postings website.  Please go to and under Informational Postings, select Tariff then select Rate Schedules and you will be able to view, download or print tariff sheets for the different rate schedules.


Why is it so important for each company to have a security administrator?

The Security Administrator for a particular company serves as a contact information liaison for Southern Star. They assure that their company’s contact information is correct and accurate. Every time a new person requests a login user ID and Password, the Security Administrator of that particular company has to verify their employee’s identity and give Southern Star permission to assign this information for this person to be able to login to CSI. The Security Administrator is also responsible for making Southern Star aware of any changes in customer contacts, contact types, address changes and contact information updates. If for any reason the Security Administrator leaves the company, Southern Star needs to be notified immediately and a new Security Administrator contact type needs to be selected.

How can I check my Transportation/Storage Imbalance Totals?

There are several reports in Customer Activities that allow our customers to check their imbalances. Go to and after logging into CSI, select the Flowing Gas tab under Customer Activities; then select Imbalance and Reports. In the drop down menu you will be able to select reports that best fit your business needs.

(FYI: Positive imbalances are owed from the shipper to the pipeline. Negative imbalances are owed from the pipeline to the shipper).

Why do I have to rank my nominations?

Ranking nominations is very important. It lets our system know which nominations to reduce during capacity cuts and contract balancing. Nominations with the highest rank will be reduced first. If a nomination is entered without selecting a rank then CSI will assign a rank of 500 to that nomination.

Also, operator pre-determined allocation (PDA) rankings allocate the over/under flow of gas to selected nominations instead of pro-rata. 

Who do I call when I have a question?

When you have a question or an issue, we are available 24/7 to provide assistance for you. You can always call our Help Desk Line @ (270) 852-5123. If all representatives are busy, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. Your message will then be immediately forwarded to the first available representative.

For specific business needs you can also go to the Contact us link on our website, which will take you to our Southern Star Phone List. There you can download the contact list that will provide you with necessary contact information.

Where can I find information related to FERC Tariff?

Informational Postings provides an online version of our FERC Gas Tariff that is very easy to browse and is divided into several sections for the convenience of its users.

Please go to our website: and click on the Tariff tab under Informational Postings.  Due to the fact that the FERC Gas Tariff is a very lengthy document, we highly recommend using the “Find” feature for quick and easy browsing.

When do I receive my invoice and what do I do when I do not receive one?

Invoices for all gas received and delivered during each billing period will be prepared on or before the ninth business day after the end of the production month. Communication methods vary based on the preferences your company requested on our website.  If you provided us with a valid email address and you selected to have your invoice emailed, you will receive your invoice instantly when the invoices are sent.

It is important you let us know when your email changes, by calling our Help Desk at (270) 852-5123. Only Invoice Primary and Invoice Secondary contact types are authorized to receive an invoice.  Every customer has to have one Invoice Primary contact type.  The number of Invoice Secondary contacts is optional and varies by the business needs of a particular customer.


Can a shipper nominate from storage to a pooling agreement?

No. Pooling agreements are for physical receipt points on a line segment.   Storage is not a physical point on a line segment as specified in the tariff for pooling agreements.